There are events for the kids, family, adults and spectators! Prizes are awarded for winners of each race and competition we even have a prize for the best novelty boat… it doesn’t have to race to win!

Have a read of some of our fun and adventurous activities for the day and make sure you don’t miss out. Make sure you get there early so you don’t miss out!


Soft Drink Can Boat Race

If you and your friends think you have the stomach to drink enough soft drink to build a boat out of cans, then this is your race. Great for Schools

Beer Can Boat Race (Crew of 4)

This event tests your boat building and racing abilities on the water. How well can 4 people come together to master the rough seas in a can boat!



Iron Person Competition

Both iron man and iron women competitions.

Tug-of-War Competitions

Held on the beach throughout the day. Each team consists of eight people with competitions for adults and children

Kids Sand Castle Competition

The best kids sand castle. Looking for creative effort on this one.

Kids Beach Races

Held each year for the kids to see who’s the fastest on the sand.

Ladies & Mens Thong Throwing Competition

Just how much practice have you had through the year to compete in this competition will decide whether you end up a finalist. These are the thongs you wear on your feet by the way, not the other kind.